Data Trust: an idea whose time has come

In a legal setting, trusts are entities in which some people (trustees) look after an asset on behalf of other people (beneficiaries) who own it. In a data trust, trustees would look after the data or data rights of groups of individuals. And just as doctors have a duty to act in the interest of their patients, data trustees would have a legal duty to act in the interest of the beneficiaries.

– MIT Technology Review

Dionysus Digital Health believes that our value is improving user’s health and wellbeing, not selling data or invading privacy. We believe this so deeply that we have founded an independent nonprofit, a Data Trust, that holds all of the data shared by our users in a legal trust. Its responsibility is not to Dionysus, but sole to the users and our shared mission to foster your health. Dionysus can never sell your data because we don’t own ityou do.


The trust is governed by an independent board of trustees how review not just data protection but algorithmic efficacy and fairness


The trust and its board are solely responsible to the users. Your health and wellbeing are literally their only concern.


The trust cannot sell your data…ever. Nothing is saved without your permission. Everything is stored in HIPAA-compliant, encrypted formats.